Shooting Alpine Video Contest Rules

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  • Entries will be accepted through September 30, 2014 (The contest time period is when entries can be submitted. Videos can have been taken at any time). An online entry form will be available during the period of the contest. Winners will be announced before the end of November, 2014.
  • To enter, videos should be uploaded to, and their URL pasted into the entry form (example: The words “Alpine, Texas” should appear somewhere in the video title.
  • The Shooting Alpine Video Contest is free and open to everyone. Only judges and organizers of the contest are ineligible. Anonymity is preferred, but due to the nature of the youtube service, the artists’ user names will unavioidably be available to the judges.
  • Entry in the contest grants the City of Alpine license to use any entered videos, with credit, for promotional purposes related to the City of Alpine.
  • Videos shot within the City of Alpine are preferred, but its surroundings are also eligible subject matter. “Surroundings” includes the valley and mountains around the city and the roads and ranches between Alpine and its neighboring towns. Other locations may appear in the videos, but Alpine, Texas must be the primary subject.
  • Submitted videos must be the work of the entrant, and not previously entered in the Shooting Alpine Video Contest. Any style of video is eligible, as long as the primary subject is Alpine, Texas. Be creative!
  • The City of Alpine is not liable for any copyright infringement in participating videos. We strongly recommend that all visual and audio elements be cleared for copyright. Videos using materials without copyright permissions  (“borrowed” soundtrack music, for example) will not be eligible for the $100 or $500 prizes.
  • Participants are limited to five (5) entries only. If more than five videos are submitted, the first five will be entered into the contest, and the others discarded..
  • If the judges determine that no submitted video is of sufficient quality to award one or more of the advertised prizes, those prizes will not be awarded.
  • Any questions about the contest should be directed to