2013 Shooting Alpine Photo Contest Entries

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Sunset over Alpine Bone Collector Good Ole Boys at the Watering Hole In the Back Yard, Alpine TX It's Not Really Valentine's Day On the Road to Ft. Davis Georgia & Al Fans of Alpine Dragging One to the Fire to Brand Welcome to Snowy Alpine That Alpine Sky Holland Showcases Local Cowboy Artist Highway to Heaven Arriving in Alpine Sunset Main Ranch Cloudscape Summer Shower Stampede of horses at the o6 Ranch All Aboard! John Wayne Jubilation Gilded Autumn Coming Down the Big Hill Train Wheels Electric Blue on Green God's Country Rainbow Tonight's Sunset, Venus and the New Moon, 10/7/13 Taken 8/21/13 Mi Cumpleano 4 de Julio New Day Coming In Recently Translocated Desert Bighorn Sheep on 9 Point Mesa #2 Mule Deer at Kokernot Park Courtyard #2 Coming into town. This picture was taken from the back of a Harley coming into Alpine. Walking The Next Season (after "The Fire") Smile on My Parade (Art Walk) Holland House Happy Good Steak A Boy and His Horse Snow in Texas El Mariachi Dos Cold Front at Dawn over the Tracks Baines Park Line 'en up…rope 'em fast

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