2013 Shooting Alpine Photo Contest Entries

Below you can browse all 417 entered photos. You can also view the winners, view the finalists or view the semifinalists of the 2013 photo contest.

The Back of the Store "Framed" in Alpine The Road into Alpine Takeoff - 2013 Alpine Balloon Fest Black-eyed Susan along Holland On the Rails Again Beautiful & Wild For the Love Of Alpine Mountains in Perspective Sunrise The Post Storm seen from Sul Ross State University o6 Cowboy Pushing Off Chasing Rainbows - Alpine to Marathon Alpine Sunset In a black and white world. Lighted Dragon at ARTWALK 2012 Balloon Fest 3012 Alpine Texas Plants on the South Side of Town Recently Translocated Desert Bighorn Sheep on 9 Point Mesa #1 Alpine Postcard Good Ole' Car Yellow sunset through the fence (see the windmill?) Walking Lights of Alpine "Cathedral Cloud" Cathedral Mountain sunset after a summer shower Kristyn Harris & Rodeo Kate at Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering Meet the Twin Sisters End of the Rainbow o6 Saddles Open Space and Other Places Outside of Alpine II Alpine Twin Peaks Christmas Snow Alpine Mountains, Edge of Town The Clouds Were Breaking Midday Moon Alpine Train Depot Wild Ride Alpine at Dawn from Hwy 118 Overlook Dove Deserted Paisano from Main Ranch A Place for Wanderers Big Hill Chill View from Sul Ross at Dusk

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