Tri-County Triangle

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Alpine, Fort Davis and Marfa are the county seats for Brewster, Jeff Davis and Presidio Counties respectively. Besides beautiful county courthouses each town offers unique local attractions and plenty of charm. The drive between each town offer scenic views for miles and makes a perfect day trip to take in one or two sites in each town and return to Alpine for an evening of fun!

Alpine Attractions

Alpine to Fort Davis- 27 miles north on Hwy 118

Along the way…

Fort Davis Attractions

Fort Davis to Marfa 21 miles, south on Hwy 17

Along the way…

Marfa Attractions

  • Hotel Paisano designed by famed architect Henry Trost of El Paso, was home to cast and crew while filming the movie “Giant” in 1955. Visitors can enjoy movie memorabilia in the “Giant” room where “Giant” plays continuously.
  • Chinati Foundation is an internationally renown contemporary art museum featuring the works of Donald Judd.
  • Marfa and Presidio County Museum considers all the historical aspects of Marfa and the surrounding area starting at geologic formation and throughout all the human occupations that have called the area home.
  • Art put Marfa on the map. Click here for a listing of all the galleries.

Marfa to Alpine – head east on Hwy 90 for 26 miles

Along the way

  • Interested in mysterious lights? Around dusk or after dark you can stop at TxDot’s Marfa Lights Viewing Area located 9 miles east of Marfa on Hwy 90 – watch for signs along the highway. The famous Marfa Lights have been seen since at least the 1800’s and there is still no explanation of what they are or where they come from. It is a great spot for stargazing even if you don’t get to see the mysterious Marfa Lights.
    • Paisano Pass Volcano is located about 5 miles west Alpine. Stop at the Big Bend Snapshot located on the left hand side of the road to learn about the volcano that formed the mountains you see in this area and other geologic forces that created the ranges and basins around Alpine.

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Designated as a Music Friendly City you can find live music and entertainment for everyone nearly every night of the week! Click here to go to the events page to see where to catch a show!

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