2013 Shooting Alpine Photo Contest Entries

Air Mail

"Air Mail" by Cindy Huyser

Hwy 90 Sunrise
The Balloon Bash
Air Mail
In my car leaving Alpine headed to Marfa
Sul Ross Sledride
Red Flower
Close-up of the snow. 1/9/2013
Lamp before Sunrise
Sunny Glen Sunset
Kiowa Gallery
"Fields" - 06 Ranch
Last Minute Touches
The Maverick Inn
Bike Man!
Caricatures of people at Alpine Balloon Bash 2013
2013 Big Bend Balloon Bash
Sunrise over the Corazones, taken between Alpine and Terlingua, 12/2011
Proudly They Wave
Hotel Balcony, Texas Style
Caught One
Taken 8/18/13 as a storm rolled in
Highway to Wonderland
Up, Up and Away!
Fun in the Sun…set
Window to Alpine
Big Bend Balloon Bash 2013
Butterfly Rides
The Parade Must Go On
Kick Up Your Spurs
Chasing Bubbles
The Jack Period
Mustang Windy
Hotel Ritchey
West TX Sunset
Gypsies Storm over Alpine
Welcome to Alpine!
A Rare Visitor but Extremely Welcome
Courtyard #1
The Cross Ranch #2
West Texas Rain Storm
The Three Amigos
Future Home
Put Up Wet
Sunset over Alpine
Bone Collector
Good Ole Boys at the Watering Hole
In the Back Yard, Alpine TX
It's Not Really Valentine's Day
On the Road to Ft. Davis
Georgia & Al
Fans of Alpine
Dragging One to the Fire to Brand
Welcome to Snowy Alpine
That Alpine Sky
Holland Showcases Local Cowboy Artist
Highway to Heaven
Arriving in Alpine
Sunset Main Ranch
Summer Shower
Stampede of horses at the o6 Ranch
All Aboard!
John Wayne Jubilation
Gilded Autumn
Coming Down the Big Hill
Train Wheels
Electric Blue on Green
God's Country
Tonight's Sunset, Venus and the New Moon, 10/7/13
Taken 8/21/13
Mi Cumpleano 4 de Julio
New Day Coming In
Recently Translocated Desert Bighorn Sheep on 9 Point Mesa #2
Mule Deer at Kokernot Park
Courtyard #2
Coming into town. This picture was taken from the back of a Harley coming into Alpine.
The Next Season (after "The Fire")
Smile on My Parade (Art Walk)
Holland House Happy
Good Steak
A Boy and His Horse
Snow in Texas
El Mariachi Dos
Cold Front at Dawn over the Tracks
Baines Park
Line 'en up…rope 'em fast
Full Moon over Sul Ross
A Colorful Family Affair
"Tranquillo" - 06 Ranch
Home of the Cowboys
"More Precious than a Pot of Gold" A turning windmill in Sunny Glen after a rain shower
Waiting for the Train
Last Glance
Blue Sky Blue Balloon
Toni, Mosley Loop, Alpine TX
The Edge of Alpine
Calendar Mural
The Last Frontier
Campus View of Snowfall on Twin Peaks
Alpine Christmas South of the Tracks
Mi Pappie from Las Casitas Del Ghost Town to Alpine
Grupo Alegra
Come One…Come All
Bumpy Road
Sunset over the Maverick
Snow on Our Chairs
"Ring of Fire" at the Fire Concert during the 2013 Big Bend Balloon Bash
An Afternoon at Kokernot Park
Quiet Calm
Little houses, all in a row
The Real Wild West
Past Meets Present
Talya goes on a walka bout with us. Del norte Mts. In background
West Texas Swimming Pool
Alpine Community Gathers to Watch the Balloon Festival
Sunset over Alpine
Thanks God for the Rain
The Clouds Were Breaking
Colors of Independence
Daybreak over Alpine
Santo Nino de Atocha 5 Tortonto Mountain 5 miles west of Alpine, #2
Sul Ross University signage on an overcast day in Alpine
Cosmosis Blues
Tracking the Alpine Sky
Galeria Sibley during Viva Big Bend
Morry Sochat at Railroad Blues
The Old Holland Hotel
The Back of the Store
"Framed" in Alpine
The Road into Alpine
Takeoff - 2013 Alpine Balloon Fest
Black-eyed Susan along Holland
On the Rails Again
Beautiful & Wild
For the Love Of
Alpine Mountains in Perspective
The Post
Storm seen from Sul Ross State University
o6 Cowboy
Pushing Off
Chasing Rainbows - Alpine to Marathon
Alpine Sunset
In a black and white world.
Lighted Dragon at ARTWALK 2012
Balloon Fest 3012 Alpine Texas
Plants on the South Side of Town
Recently Translocated Desert Bighorn Sheep on 9 Point Mesa #1
Alpine Postcard
Good Ole' Car
Yellow sunset through the fence (see the windmill?)
Lights of Alpine
"Cathedral Cloud" Cathedral Mountain sunset after a summer shower
Kristyn Harris & Rodeo Kate at Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Meet the Twin Sisters
End of the Rainbow
o6 Saddles
Open Space and Other Places
Outside of Alpine II
Alpine Twin Peaks Christmas Snow
Alpine Mountains, Edge of Town
The Clouds Were Breaking
Midday Moon
Alpine Train Depot
Wild Ride
Alpine at Dawn from Hwy 118 Overlook
Dove Deserted
Paisano from Main Ranch
A Place for Wanderers
Big Hill Chill
View from Sul Ross at Dusk
Big Bend Balloon Bash 2013, #2
Railroad Blues Fire Truck
Cactus Flower - Best Western Alpine Cinco de Mayo 2013
Rock'n the Blues
Rain in the Mountains
Rails at Sunset, Sunny Glenn, Alpine, TX
Sunrise from Sunny Glen
The One-Fifteen Through Alpine
Lightning Strike just beyondAlpine Train Station
Early Spring Morning in Alpine
Coming Down the Big Hill
Sunday Afternoon Mountains
Rocky View
Tree Grove Tucked in Alpine Mountains
Me in a Tree
Excited to be in Alpine
It's not so blue, with you by my side
The Promise of Rain
Hotel Ritchey
Travel Alpine
Murphy Street Cat
Alpine Relaxing
A Pair Beats a Full House
Sunrise at the Stadium
Love is Found Anywhere in Alpine
Holland Hotel Eagle
Mountain Sunset
Mountains of Beauty at the 06 Ranch
Homecoming Ride
Atop the Christmas Mountains, between Alpine and Terlingua near Hwy 118, 5/14/2013
Eric's on Holland
Four in a Row
Store Hours
Sunset in the Valley
Everyday View
Strawberry Roan
Future Ahead
Alpine #4
Art Corner
Vacation behind door #2
Alpine Snowfall
Kokernot Lodge
Alpine Bucks and Their Fans
Twin Sisters
Welcome to Church
A Little Bit Western. My horse posing at the Big Bend Equine Center
Alpine All Dressed in White
"Wild Weather" A funel cloud touches down behind Twin Peaks
Hot Air Horizon
Alpine Cowboys
Branding Time
Sounds of Happiness in Each Brick
Railroad Blues with Morry Sochat
Evening Flower
Ranch Horse
The Journey to the Desk
Beams of Light
Rainbow over Alpine (taken from Sunny Glen)
A Rainy Day with Georgia
The Past is Only a Painting of Memories
Up, Up and Away
Dancing in the Street
O6 Cutting Horse Competition
Greeter at the Woodward Ranch rock shop in Alpine
Old Alpine Train Station
West Texas Sunset
Alpine Bull at Sul Ross State University
Cactus Wren's Song
East to West / Old to New
A Bend in the Road
Daylight Magnificent
Morning Mist in Sunny Glen
Southwest Beauty at the Maverick
Iron Mantis
Old Dog at an Old Hotel
Guy & Pip Gillette entertain at Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Twin Sisters: "Diamonds in the Rough"
Chihuahuan Christmas
Welcome to Alpine
Balloon over Alpine
West Texas Ranch
An Alpine Fall Tradition
Double Rainbow over Alpine, Sep 27, 2013
Alpine in Bloom, Looking Sharp and Always Beautiful
On the Move - gathering horses at the o6 Ranch
Three Horses
Spiny Cactus
Going for a Walk
Beauty has no measure in between Marfa and Alpine
Balloon Fest Alpine 2013 at Night
A Hawk in Our Yard
Alpine Babes
Twin Peaks Sunset
Rain on the Range
Windy City
"Salute to the Fallen" at the 2013 Big Bend Area Law Enforecement Memorial held at Sul Ross State University
Higher Education
Breakfast at the o6 Ranch
Holland Hotel Horns
Desert Winter
Dawn at Sul Ross
Hotel Ritchey
Museum of the Big Bend
Goat Roping
Historic Murphy St. Raspa Co
Rainbow over the o6 Flats
Visitor Parking. Alpine, TX
Granada Theatre
Rain Caller
Pie in the Sky
Sul Ross Snowman
Spring time blooms!
Big Bend Balloon Bash 2013 - Up, Up and Away
Kissing a Cactus
Can't be "Alpine" without the Train
CowDog Yummy!
Up, Up and Away - Big Bend Balloon Bash 2013
Spring Storm - View from Big Hill
View of Sul Ross Hill from the back of a Harley
Aoudad Sheep in Sunny Glen
Alpine Balloon Festival
Southern Storm
Alpine Shower
Buck Stadium, Home of the Alpine Fightin' Bucks
Life is Good
Desert Winter #3
Courthouse on Memorial Day
God at Work!
Twin Sisters
Ranch Rodeo 2013
Watching for Trains
"Winter Wonderland" A blanket of snow covers Alpine
Recently Translocated Desert Bighorn Sheep on 9 Point Mesa #4
Homeward Bound
Desert Winter #2
Alpine Snow
In the Saddle
Penny's Diner Late Shift, only waitress and cowboy
Labor Day 2013
Ocotillo in Alpine
New Aged Settler
Desert Soul
Picked Clean
Cowboy Fire
Our Future! Alpine, TX
Tack Dust
The 06
My Epic Sunrise
El Mariachi Uno
What Weather Will Do to You
The Wooden Cross overlooking Alpine 2
Lighting Up the Night
Arching Elegance for Mom
West Texas Sunset
Alpine Heights Ski Resort
Rain on the Mountains
Riders on the Storm
Alpine Texas Skies
Ocotillo Sunset
Big Bend Wool & Mohair Crossing
"La Conquista" (The Conquest)
Mural View from Holland Avenue
Alpine Taxi
Century Plant
Inside the Balloon (Balloon Fest 2013)
Waiting to Work the Next Calf
View of Alpine from Up Top - many great views of the hills
Taken 8/18/13 as a storm rolled in #2
Good Game
Harvest Moon in Alpine, Texas
Kiowa Mural
Brooding Morning
Alpine Bucks
Ocotillo on Holland
Sunrise over Sul Ross (Jan 2013)
Sunset above Alpine
We Love Ranch. Pinto Canyon Road
Future Roper
All Night Diner
A Beautiful Day in Alpine, Texas
Recently Translocated Desert Bighorn Sheep on 9 Point Mesa #3
Bullfrog! In a stock tank
The Wooden Cross overlooking Alpine
Gettin' Broke
Circa 2013
Alpine #2
Garden before the Storm
Recently Translocated Desert Bighorn Sheep on 9 Point Mesa #5
Rangra Movie House Alpine Sat Night
Field of Dreams
Rainbow to Alpine
Alpine from Bullfrog Mountain
Santo Nino de Atocha 5 Tortonto Mountain 5 miles west of Alpine
Sky Full, Balloon Fest 2013
Las Girls
Touchdown Alpine!!
Moon Over Holland Avenue
Sunset Wine
Outside of Alpine
Cooper the Cowboy
Sul Ross State University
highway Sunset
Rainbow outside Holland Hotel
Hot Air Balloon Fest
Amtrak Sign Polar
Greetings from Alpine
Alpine #1
Balcony (Holland Hotel)
Big Bend Balloon Festival, Getting Ready to Launch
Little Slice of Heaven
Sunset on the Western Edge of Town
Two Loops
Studying with a view. Inside the Sul Ross Library.
Paradise (original)
Alpine #3
Arachnid, Air Balloons, Alpine
Roundup at the o6 Ranch
Amtrak Train Station, Alpine
Adobe Wall
Ready for Blast Off
The Best Medicine
Horned Lizard, between Alpine and Terlingua off Hwy 118, 9/25/2013
Butterfly in Flower Bed across Street from Holland Hotel
Sunny Morning Ride

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