2013 Shooting Alpine Photo Contest Finalists

Roundup at the o6 Ranch

"Roundup at the o6 Ranch" by Dan Auderer

The Balloon Bash
Sunny Glen Sunset
Mustang Windy
Fans of Alpine
Takeoff - 2013 Alpine Balloon Fest
Black-eyed Susan along Holland
A Pair Beats a Full House
Rainbow over Alpine (taken from Sunny Glen)
Welcome to Alpine
Going for a Walk
Up, Up and Away - Big Bend Balloon Bash 2013
Aoudad Sheep in Sunny Glen
West Texas Sunset
Riders on the Storm
Inside the Balloon (Balloon Fest 2013)
Outside of Alpine
Roundup at the o6 Ranch
Horned Lizard, between Alpine and Terlingua off Hwy 118, 9/25/2013
Butterfly in Flower Bed across Street from Holland Hotel

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